Saturday, 11 February 2012

Awkward rock.

Meh. At the cousins house and people are asleep its on 23:13 on a Saturday and they are all asleep, I think we all know why I am so frustrated, anyone who has ever stopped at someone else's home and if it's a friends house it's even more awkward I'm at my cousins house I could wake people up if I wanted to I'm not going to. But if it's at a friends house it's like your conscience is exploding inside of you it's like wake them up Mwahahaha and like no don't you would not like it if you were woken up by your friends. But now I'm just sitting here not a single bit tired and my eyes are like melting with the brightness of my phone because Im in pitch black for unicorn sake. So until I'm asleep I will probably just blog to nobody on how awkward this whole cinareo is.

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