Tuesday, 14 February 2012

How can I stand my sister?

Ok, this post isn't about how much I don't get on with my sister (hannah) it's how much I get on with her, but I don't see how I can. The differences between me and Hannah: Hannah loves pop music I hate pop music, she hates most rock music I love rock music, she plays football and is about to go to university studying sport and I couldn't be less interested in sport I'm in bottom set because when we play football I just pretend to be a turtle in the bib, I love art she can draw but she sticks to drawing a flag so not that artistic. I really don't understand how we don't hate each other because if you know me you know what I'm like with my music I get really protective and refuse to listen to pop music.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Awkward rock.

Meh. At the cousins house and people are asleep its on 23:13 on a Saturday and they are all asleep, I think we all know why I am so frustrated, anyone who has ever stopped at someone else's home and if it's a friends house it's even more awkward I'm at my cousins house I could wake people up if I wanted to I'm not going to. But if it's at a friends house it's like your conscience is exploding inside of you it's like wake them up Mwahahaha and like no don't you would not like it if you were woken up by your friends. But now I'm just sitting here not a single bit tired and my eyes are like melting with the brightness of my phone because Im in pitch black for unicorn sake. So until I'm asleep I will probably just blog to nobody on how awkward this whole cinareo is.

OK I'm a shit out...

On Monday me and my friends were all meant to go see the Woman in Black, they told me it was a horror but only 12A. So I thought ohh gosh The Hole all over again- the hole= worst ever horror film. So I was curious about the film we were going to see- Heres the trailer. eer If you are a loser like me you will be scared of this film so on monday me and another friend are going to see Star Wars whilst the rest of my friends are going to see that film.
probably our best video. Enjoy.

The Rudeness of my Family.

On the 30th of December 2011 I had been asking father hen for a dog and I had been for the previous week so on the 30th he finally cracked and said 'if you stop talking about a dog for 1 month I will maybe get you one.' For 1 whole month that dragged in due to the excitement of getting a dog. On the 29th of January I found the perfect dog a miniature Jack Russell only 1 hour away, it had to have been fait. But then on the 30th of January I was told I couldn't have a dog- your thinking this was a terrible end to this post imagine it in real life after asking for a dog for 9 years. Grrr.

It's My 1st Blog..

..And so it begins. Well if you know me you will know i'm not the tallest person in the world, and most of my friends tower over me. I get called small a lot but what I found out today is that I am 5ft 1inch which in fact means that I am bigger than mother he.
And people call me small pshhh?!